The Art of Brian Woodward


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Commissions are customized paintings and drawings you can hire me for. Generally I exclusively work on original, personal work unless otherwise prompted or hired. If you’ve ever wanted to see me paint a specific thing or a certain character, this is the only avenue for that to happen.

Types of commissions I will do:

  • Pop culture commissions. It helps if it’s something I’m familiar with, but I’ll always do my research to understand the character regardless. Celebrity portraits (e.g. David Bowie or whatever) are also cool.

  • Imaginative landscape commissions. I love doing landscapes, but prefer to be inspired by reference instead of directly copy it.

  • Historical/mythological commissions. I live for this shit, bring it on.

Types of commissions I might do:

  • Logos or graphic design. If it’s something really cool that I’m allowed to really be creative about, I may be open to doing a logo or typography. Prices vary.

  • Sketch covers. My process doesn’t take to sketch covers very well and it takes a lot of extra work to keep it at a the quality level I want. If you have something in mind let me know and we’ll try and figure something out. Sketch covers are priced between a 7x10 and a 10x14 depending on the situation.

Types of commissions I definitely won’t do:

  • Personal portraits. They stress me out for whatever reason.


These are the base guidelines for pricing. If you have something not listed here in mind just let me know.


7x10 pencils - $100 - 1 character bust or headshot
10x14 pencils - $200 - 1 full character - background elements
12x16 pencils - $275 - up to 2 full characters (+$125 per character after 1st) - full background
14x20 pencils - $400 - up to 3 full characters (+$200 per character after 1st) - full background
18x24 pencils - $600 - up to 4 full characters (+$300 per character after 1st) - full background


7x10 watercolor - $200 - 1 character bust or headshot - background wash
10x14 watercolor - $400 - 1 full character - background elements or wash
12x16 watercolor - $550 - up to 2 full characters ($275 per character after 1st) - full background or wash included
14x20 watercolor - $800 - up to 3 full characters ($400 per character after 1st) - full background or wash included
18x24 watercolor - $1200 - up to 4 full characters ($600 per character after 1st) - full background or wash included


Full payment is required to start the commission. If you want to reserve a space on the commission list you can put down a 50% deposit, however full payment is still required for me to actually start it. If you’re part of the Curator tier on our Patreon you can also apply any money you’ve saved towards the commission up to 50% of the total price.



What quality should I expect?
I always try to do my best on commissions. They aren’t cheap and I take my time with them so that I don’t end up flooding the market with subpar work. I try to do what’s best for each individual piece compositionally and this can sometimes mean I’ll give you more than what you commissioned if I have a really strong idea for it.

How long is the turnaround time?
Generally I can’t give a solid turnaround time, because I don’t like to rush the process. I’ll make sure to keep you updated with a general idea of where I’m at progress-wise and I make sure not to overbook my commission list so that I can keep things going at a reasonable pace. Usually I finish about one commission a month, threaded between my other work.

What if I need it by a specific date?
We can probably work something out depending on my schedule. There is a 20% upcharge though and it gives me less time to come up with a good idea and work on the piece.

Can I pick up my commission at a public appearance?
If you prefer although mailing it is no problem. Sometimes however I’ll do convention pre-draw commissions that can only be picked up at a specific convention.

How much input do I get to give?
Unless it’s a professional commission with an art director I prefer to keep input to a minimum. I’ll do my best to thoroughly consult with you at the start to figure out what you want and then take that information and run with it while staying respectful and true to the original idea. If the concept moves in an unexpected direction that might be too much I’ll be sure to check in with you first. I find I do my best work when I’m allowed to freely explore the subject, that vision and interpretation is what you’re paying for essentially.

How about corrections?
If it’s not a professional commission there won’t be any redos. Watercolor isn’t really a medium that’s easily reworkable and would probably require an entirely new painting.

If I get a watercolor commission do I get to keep the pencils too?
The original of the pencil drawing that I scan, print, and use as the base for the watercolor painting is not included. If you wish to purchase it as well I can include it with the watercolors for 50% off.

What about professional commissions?
If you’re interested in having some work done in a professional capacity, feel free to email me with the specifics or any questions. Professional commissions can ignore most of these rules and also have different rates depending on rights and usage.